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Β Answer follwing questions

1) From which country is the martial art Muay Thai?

2) Tell us why you want to learn Martial Arts whether Muay Thai, Kickboxing

or any other style?

Reply in the “Comments” section these details

a) Full Name
b) Age
c) Phone No.
d) email address
e) Profession/ Name of Company you wo

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  1. muay thai is from thailand,and i want to learn muay thai to get a self control and a better technics of fight

  2. of origin-thailand, parenthood muay boran,krabi krabong.
    2. Self defence and to keep the body fit
    Personal details Karthik.s b.age-21 no- not available
    E. Profession-student

  3. Muay Thai originated in Thailand. I want to study muay thai for strong self defence and to protect others

  4. 1. Thailand

    2.I believe it isn’t all about how hard u hit but how hard u can get hit and and keep moving forward …… much u can take and keep moving forward !!

    For me the difference between dreams and accomplishments is purely desire .. and no matter what, I’m stepping in !!


  5. Muay Thai is from Thailand.
    I want to learn Muay Thai to increase my Fitness, Develop my Reflexes and to strengthen my 8 limbs!

    a) Full Name: Sunil P Thomas
    b) Age :24
    c) Phone No. : 98863 75732
    d) email address:
    e)Company: Harmoney

  6. 1. Muay Thai is from Thailand.

    2. I want to learn Muay Thai mostly due to the fact i beleive it is a true art. There are many goals i wish to acheive including better fitness and self confidence. I beleive Muay Thai has a srtict purpose during a fight.

    a) Daniel L Miller
    b)24 y/o
    c) 517 2907050
    e) Firefighter, City of Lansing

  7. Great responses: Everybody. It shows that today’s youth is thankfully keen on Muay Thai and the martial spirit is alive and well. Train hard! Oh yeah!

    THE WINNER of The ‘WIN Free Lessons Contest’ is:
    1) Susanth K. and
    2) Daniel Miller

    Contact Nick or Call Abhimanyu Academy of Martial Arts & Fitness on 09242876397 within next 10 days to claim your Free Lessons!

  8. Muay Thai originated in Thailand.

    For me there is a reason to learn the Muay Thai, becoz life is nothing but a small boat caught in a storm….try to over cum that…..the more you work hard the more you are mastering the life…no one is a complete person every one are learning each day….

  9. Muay Thai is from Thailand.

    I want to learn Muay Thai to increase my Fitness, Develop my Reflexes and to lose my weight it 116 kgs according to doc’s it should be around 65 to 70 kgs so and on top of which i srufed on the net for the info on weight loss and found out muay thai is really good

    a) Full Name: Subodh S.Jankar

    b) Age :25

    c) Phone No. : ——————

    d) email:

  10. it’s originated from thailand

    i want to learn it so that i can learn self-defence,and also stay fit

  11. It is pronounced Nukmuai Thai. Not mui thai.
    Westerners misunderstood the correct annunciation and have been saying it incorrectly for years. The Thai people never bother to correct westerners because they don’t fully understand english. Thai people will agree and shake their heads in agreement because they can’t be bothered to correct anything alot of times.The city is not called Bangkok. It is known in Thai as “Krung Thep Mahanakorn” but they can’t be bothered to ever correct foreigners on that either for years. It’s lack of caring and not wanting to be bothered to correct tourist, not fully understanding English, and lack of education that the sport has been pronounced wrong for years. It’s counter productive to work so hard and be so dedicated to learn the sport yet don’t know how to say the name of the sport correctly. It shows lack of true knowledge. It’s not the westerners fault because nobody bothered to tell them properly. So I am trying to clear up the confusion because I am Thai. Most of your Thai mentors will not bother to correct you either because some of them don’t want to admit that they have told you something incorrectly.To see so called Thai boxing professionals not even know how to pronounce the sport correctly really shows lack of true expertise and professionalism. Ignorance is sad

  12. Dana Linares, Age 25, (925) 812-2600,, Property Management Riverstone HSC Residential

    I believe Muay Thai originated from Thailand formerly known as Siam.

    I want to use Muay Thai to help me exert my anger in a positive way while learning to defend and protect myself. I would like to brand some self-esteem and worth that has been ripped away from me since I was 14. I have been raped, sexually molestated as a child, abused emotionally and phsically by men and I want to build back some of the pieces of me that have been robbed. I have a six year old son (result of rape) who I fear everyday will be kidnapped by his father. His father… has supervised visits with my son since my son alledgd when he was four that his dad was molesting him. I am a single mother, my parents were both drug addicts one is recovering… and have been told by anyone who knows me that I am resilant. I am strong like a fighter on the inside… I wish people would take me serious on the outside… I am also relatively attractive (don’t mean to sound conceided) but I am. And I am discriminated for it. People automatically think I have this perfect life… that I have wealthy parents, money, or live in a nice town…. all not true. I put myself through college while holding down the responsibilities of being a parent and having a full time job and earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice. I would like to be a Police Officer and realize that I need more than just to be in shape to make it. I need to deal with men… I need to carry my weight… I need to have all of “me” there…. and I think Muay Thai can help me build the confidence and fill in some emotional holes that need some patching…. A therapist with a notepad is not going to work!

  13. Muay thai originated in s.e thailand .
    We all know about the recent terror attacks in our country. We people r dependent on the cops for protection. Its time we become self dependent and the first step towards this is muay thai.
    am intrested 2 learn muay thai . Pls tell me the fee details and duration time of the course.
    Mo. 9611056707

  14. Muay Thai was created Thailand a place where nothing but Great Fighters.

    I want to learn Muay Thai because it is the best fighting style in the world and for my own reason is that i always wanted to become kickboxer.Where i am from I can only learn one style that is Street Fighting I am not a person who likes fight all the time, but i always end up fighting for a good reason in that is for my family. I dont want top learn Muay Thai for that reason its because I love it.There is nothing better than than it period.And i hope that I will win this contest so I can learn it and keep at it so I can obtain my dream of becoming a professional kickboxer. Thank You for your Time.

    a.Damond Johnson

  15. Muay thai originated from Thailand.
    I want to study kickboxing in the benefit of good healt,for self defense and to be a professional.

  16. 1.Muay thai comes from Thailand and is there national sport. the word muay thai also means”art of eight limbs’.
    I am looking for an authentic muay thai coaching class in bangalore. lots of reason behind it for positive approach to life, remain fit and athletic, and to help quit smoking…
    So please if anyone with any sort of info about it let me know…
    thanking in advance.
    9620000307 my ph#.

  17. I am not an expert in thai boxing or language, but I do have an interest in both. I believe nukmaui thai is the player, while maui thai is the sport. At least this is what my thai instructor taught me.

  18. Mauy Thai Originated In Thailand…. I want to learn mauy thai because it is my fascination,passion and my desire….i always wanted to learn it as a kid…and to bring a control and focus into my life……
    a) Full Name : Siddharth Kamal
    b) Age : 17
    c) Phone No.
    d) email address :
    e) Profession : Student

  19. 1. Muay Thai is from Thailand
    2. I want to pick up some high intensity workout along with sculpting my body and toning it
    a) Full Name Satish
    b) Age 43
    c) Phone No. 9663789009
    d) email address:
    e) Profession/ Name of Company you work for: Hewlett Packard

    • Dear Satish. Your answer is correct! You can surely join any of our Dynamic Muay Thai,Kickboxing or Weight Loss programs. You can avail of our New Year discount…
      Call 9242876397 or Sms for details and to Enrol.

  20. The Great Art ‘Muay Thai’ Originated in Thailand.
    High Intensity training of Muay Thai is good for fitness,Self/Our own people’s as well as other’s defese. These reasons compel me to go for Muay Thai.
    1) Pankaj Kumar
    2) Age 28
    Corporate sector Job

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