Muay Thai Images

Abhimanyu Academy’s Muay Thai students of batch 2008 2009; Khan (Grade) – 1 to Khan- 3.

Vishal & Jay practise knee strikes
Abhimanyu Academy's Muay Thai students of batch 2008 2009; Khan (Grade) - 1 to Khan- 3.

Abhimanyu Academy’s Muay Thai students of batch 2008 2009; Khan (Grade) – 1 to Khan- 3.

Sok Elbow techniques
Sok Elbow techniques


  1. I want to Lose Wight through Muay Thai Kickboxing. i read that the exercises in Muay Thai are designed to tone & Strenghten the entiore body, with stress upon Endurance and stamina. I would love to join ur next Batch. Also Let me know about personal trainers that can come to my home and teach me Muay Thai Kickboxing and Weight Loss Techniques. Thanx

  2. I was part of Mr.Nitesh’s Muay Thai clases for three months. Unfortunately I was unable to continue due to my work commitments. I am 100% sure I will join back once I get over these temporary setbacks.


    – Nitesh is an awesome trainer
    – Every part of the body gets worked out
    – I lost 2 kgs during that period and have not gained any weight post that
    – Follow his advise on the diet and you can see the improvements over a
    month’s time
    – Your confidence level increases
    – The skills you will acquire is worth every penny you shell out
    – He mixes up yoga, weights and stretching exercise which is very effective
    – You will never get scared to defend yourself (or attack) in a tight situation

  3. Dear Jai, you are welcome to train, as soon as you get free of your hectic schedule. Keep practicing, though!

  4. I am one of Mr. Nitesh’s Muay Thai Kick-boxing academy students. I have been a sports freak since childhood and was an athlete and football player during my college days. I always wanted to learn martial arts and thus joined Abhimanyu Academy’s Muay Thai Kick-boxing. Believe me, it is one of the best decisions that I have taken. Not only does your body get toned and fit, but also increases confidence level, reflexes and sharpens your mind. I have joined Abhimanyu Academy’s Muay Thai Kick-boxing mainly for attaining control over mind and body. Mr. Nitesh is a great martial arts trainer and I have learned quite a good amount of Muay Thai technique’s under him and still many more technique’s to learn. You should join the Academy if you want to be fit and stay fit!!!

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