Beat Stress, get Fit, Toned with Personal Home Trainer

Why you must Eliminate and Tackle Stress?            

Stress is linked to the following negative effects on your body and behavior, effectively transforming you from a fun-loving positive guy to a pensive, negative party pooper!                                                  

Stress Brings with it the following:

1) Aggression 2) Arousal, Anxiety, Feeling stressed-out

3) Activates addictions 4) Suppresses libido

5) Associated with depression 6) Can be toxic to brain cells

7) Breaks down muscles, bones and joints

8) Weakens immune system 9) Increases pain

10) Clogs arteries, Promotes heart disease and high blood pressure

11) Obesity, Diabetes, Osteoporosis

However, research indicated that exercise, a carefully planned and executed one, under an expert can help you tackle stress and release happy-feelin’ inducing hormones that can make you healthy in the mind body and soul.!!!

About Weight Loss & Body Conditioning

Kick. Kick. Kick Butt with Muay Thai Kickboxing.

Our Personal Home Trainer will give you A Muay Thai Workout session of 1 hour which will be the most gruelling fitness challenge you ever encountered. But, you will survive it to get transformed to a fitter, stronger and more healthy YOU!

And you surely need to work your butt off, if you intend to either get trim and fit, lose flab, beer bell or if interested to train in the noble art of fighting Muay Thai style, throwing high impact shin kicks, elbows, knees and punches!

Believe me, when you train like the ancients of Muay Thai, those who made their bodies virtually crafted into steel, you will appreciate what MUAY THIAI can do for you: to lose weight, get back into shape, or to learn the most dynamic of Martial Art skills!

COME :  Learn at the Academy or in THE COMFORT OF YOUR OWN HOME!!

call Nick  OR smS  ANYTIME: 9242876397 or



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