School children can benefit a lot from Muay Thai…Fitness and Discipline is a given..


Moreover children can represent the Country in International Muay Thai Tournaments. If only more schools concentrate on providing Muay Thai in their schools as regular curriculum.

Sports and Health Ministry and The schools boards for Sports and Games must seriously consider Muay Thai and implement Training in Schools.

MUAY THAI INDIA has approved and authentic MUAY THAI TRAINING Syllabus for School going children. The MuayThai Training is spread over a full academic year with scope for quarterly evaluation through Grading Tests and Certification in Belts.

As a child imbibes the academic subjects, The accompanying MUAY THAI TRAINING will impart crucial life skills in SELF DEFENSE, PHYSICAL FITNESS and MENTAL ALERTNESS, DISCIPLINE and the all-important opportunity to represent INDIA in International MUAY THAI TOURNAMENTS and win GOLD MEDAL< accolades and make the country proud in the INTERNATIONAL SPORT OF MUAY THAI, included in the OLYMPICS!

Muay thai is one of the fifteen combat sports in the World Games under patronage of IOC and the sport of Muaythai is currently enjoying immense global growth under the efforts of IFMA.
Muaythai is one of the 15 recognized combat sport in SPORT ACCORD-member of IOC and is very popular sport in the World Combat Games. Muaythai was one of the first sports to launch SPORTS ACCORD’S Real Player program in a special ceremony in 2013 with the presence of representatives from over 90 countries.

THOSE interested in including MUAY THAI SPORT in their schools may contact the following numbers or emailing the same.

Kru Muay Nitesh Pillai (9242876397)

You may also contact MUAY THAI INDIA, MTI HQ and speak with

GRAND MASTER MUAY THAI INDIA, Mr. MH ABID (0 9449013790) or email: Β


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