Beat Stress, get Fit, Toned with Personal Home Trainer

Our Personal Home Trainer will give you A Muay Thai Workout session of 1 hour which will be the most gruelling fitness challenge you ever encountered. But, you will survive it to get transformed to a fitter, stronger and more healthy YOU!
And you surely need to work your butt off, if you intend to either get trim and fit, lose flab, beer bell or if interested; fight Muay Thai style, throwing high impact shin kicks, elbows, knees and punches!

Why Muay Thai rules

Muay Thai is acknowledged today as the undisputed and the most powerful style of martial arts. Muay Thai fighters utilize the maximum power in every technique which is generated by the twisting the hips and the turning of the waist in execution of the movement. Bone strength, endurance, and stamina must be achieved in order to become a proficient Thai fighter. The art of self-defense where the elbows, feet, fists, and knees are used to pummel the opponent. The fists and feet are used for long-range combat while the elbows and knees are used for short-range combat

Muay Thai Images

Abhimanyu Academy’s Muay Thai students of batch 2008 2009; Khan (Grade) – 1 to Khan- 3.