Self Defence vs Training for Combat: Which is better?

Self Defence is most effective once you KNOW what you are doing! Combat is NOT Self Defence. Just taking a few lessons and moves Can Not prepare you for an assault ‘self defence’ situation. This is the reality, ignored by most trainees, esp women and children who sign-up for introductory programs. A soldier never goesContinue reading “Self Defence vs Training for Combat: Which is better?”

Personal Training in your Home, is more practical!

If you are serious about any of the following, give a call or sms on the number below: 1] WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT 2] GET RID OF UNSIGHTLY FLABBY, FAT DEPOSITS 3] BE IN SHAPE FOR UPCOMING WEDDING OR SOCIAL EVENTΒ  4] WANT TO IMPROVE – MUSCULAR STRENGTH, FLEXIBILITY, ENDURANCEENDURANCE & OVEOVERALL FITNESS 5] LEARNContinue reading “Personal Training in your Home, is more practical!”