* Muay Thai / Kickboxing Group Fitness Program:

MUAY THAI COMBAT- REGULAR PERSONALIZED TRAINING @ Koramangala: Rs 8,500 for one grade 3-MONTH course!
Short term Crash course in Martial arts: 10 days program: Rs 1500/- ; 20 days program Rs 2990/-, 30 days full grade program: Rs 5990/-

** Self-Defense for Women Girls: Rs 1500 per month
* Call NOW 9242876397 / 080-25523165 for instant registration and enrollment.

Discount Program: Join for any Muay Thai/Martial art/ Self Defense Program and avail Discount by bringing 2 or more friends to join with you! Special discount for Students of Jyothi Niwas, Christ College, Bethany High School, Krupanidhi College.

Get your college friends to train with you to:

1) Become a Muay Thai Fighter
2) Become Fighting Fit
3) Learn Dynamic Self Defence techniques (Special Classes for Women)
( one month, 2 months training)

Abhimanyu Academy of Martial Arts' Muay Thai, Weight Loss, Kickboxing program

*** FREE Classes for Women/NGOs also available upon request. Sponsors are welcome to particapte in offerinf FREE Muay Thai Self Defence Program for Women/Girls, Employees of service sector.

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Personalized At-Home Training now available across Bangalore!

Starting Jan 2011, we have begun Personalized one-on-one training, available throughout Bangalore city, for those who want to train in the comfort of their own home. 

You could train with experienced instructors for  the following:

1) Weight Loss (For Men, Women, and Kids over 6 years)

2) Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Kung Fu, and other Martial arts for fitness and Self Defense (Over 6 yrs)

3) Fitness and Weight-loss maintenance or to  Gain Weight/ Toned Physique (For over 15 yrs old, only)

Personal training is available to you at premium charges and you can discuss your fitness goals and concerns with our instructor.

 Only limited number of instructors are available. Book a Personal Fitness Instructor for your overall Fitness needs and learn a new exotic Martial form!

Call or Sms to speak to our Chief Instructor Nitesh or Nick on  9242876397 .

Summer 2011 Fitness  Martial Arts Programs:

Call the following numbers to enroll and register for Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Weight Loss & Toning Programs in Koramangala, Indiranagar, Whitefield, RT Nagar, Sadashivnagar, Sarjapura Road, HSR layout:
9242876397 ; 080-25523165

Burning calories and getting fit is on the top priority list for most people. But after trying many methods and hitting the gym, aerobics, and fad diets, not to mention pills and potions, numerous guys and gals are unsuccessful!

Most of these, turn to Muay Thai, the noble art of battlefield combat from Thailand. Muay Thai is a no-nonsense martial form that takes you through a process of building your strength and flexibilty and sculpting your body by melting fat and flab in all the right places, to make you fighting fit, and generally making you fit into clothes you only dreamt of fittin into!!

Call 9242876397

Learn Muay Thai @ Abhimanyu Academy of martial arts & fitness, Koramangala
MUAY THAI Grade- 6. FIGHTER: Kalyan Krishna

Muay Thai Personal At Home Training

Muay Thai Elbow strikeThe Bangalore elite, the movers and shakers, from top models, professionals, celebrities and page 3 headliners are taken-in by the effective and powerful training methods of Muay Thai or Thai boxing. Looking to lose a few pounds to feel toned and trim, and learn a practical martial art? Muay Thai will just do the trick, for you, whether you are 7 or 70 years old. Yes, we have students from 7 years onwards..

Personal Fitness and Weight Loss programs are getting to be a rage amongst Bangalore’s creme de la creme of fashionistas, professionals, IT head – honchos, models and the discerning home maker. Getting fit and toned is the way to go who want to improve the one thing that deserves a second look, a makeover- the physique, toned and chiseled look, yet not brawny as a mule! Muay Thai, or Thai boxing and kickboxing is a time-tested one-stop solution for weight loss, muscle toning, and getting rid of unsightly flab, excess fat and to keep obesity at bay.

However, you must understand that just like weight gain or becoming obese happens over a period of time, a gradual conditioning and supervised training is advised, rather than hitting the gym and sweating it out for 1.30 hours, till you can hardly stand! Granted, you might lose some weight, but, you will put your body at risk for internal damage or injury. Your Immune system might also get a sudden shock, which is not a welcome after effect…
Call 9242876397, ask for Nick, for more info on personal training in fitness, Muay tHai, kickboxing, strength, muscle toning, and self-defense, street combat skills…

Beat Stress, get Fit, Toned with Personal Home Trainer

Why you must Eliminate and Tackle Stress?            

Stress is linked to the following negative effects on your body and behavior, effectively transforming you from a fun-loving positive guy to a pensive, negative party pooper!                                                  

Stress Brings with it the following:

1) Aggression 2) Arousal, Anxiety, Feeling stressed-out

3) Activates addictions 4) Suppresses libido

5) Associated with depression 6) Can be toxic to brain cells

7) Breaks down muscles, bones and joints

8) Weakens immune system 9) Increases pain

10) Clogs arteries, Promotes heart disease and high blood pressure

11) Obesity, Diabetes, Osteoporosis

However, research indicated that exercise, a carefully planned and executed one, under an expert can help you tackle stress and release happy-feelin’ inducing hormones that can make you healthy in the mind body and soul.!!!

About Weight Loss & Body Conditioning

Kick. Kick. Kick Butt with Muay Thai Kickboxing.

Our Personal Home Trainer will give you A Muay Thai Workout session of 1 hour which will be the most gruelling fitness challenge you ever encountered. But, you will survive it to get transformed to a fitter, stronger and more healthy YOU!

And you surely need to work your butt off, if you intend to either get trim and fit, lose flab, beer bell or if interested to train in the noble art of fighting Muay Thai style, throwing high impact shin kicks, elbows, knees and punches!

Believe me, when you train like the ancients of Muay Thai, those who made their bodies virtually crafted into steel, you will appreciate what MUAY THIAI can do for you: to lose weight, get back into shape, or to learn the most dynamic of Martial Art skills!

COME :  Learn at the Academy or in THE COMFORT OF YOUR OWN HOME!!

call Nick  OR smS  ANYTIME: 9242876397 or



Special Self Defense Training for Women

From May 1st onwards Special Self Defense Training will be Available on Saturdays-Sundays 10:00 to 11:00 and Saturdays 2:00 to 4:00 pm. Duration One Month (16 Hrs Total). Call 9242876397 to register, Now!

Self Defense for Women
Self Defense for Women

Why Muay Thai rules

Muay Thai is acknowledged today  as the undisputed and themost powerful style of martial arts 

pic-7. Muay  Thai fighters utilize the maximum power in every technique which is generated by the twisting the hips and the turning of the waist in execution of the movement. Bone strength, endurance, and stamina must be achieved in order to become a proficient Thai fighter. The art of self-defense where the elbows, feet, fists, and knees are used to pummel the opponent. The fists and feet are used for long-range combat while the elbows and knees are used for short-range combat.    









Muay Thai is sometimes called “Thai Boxing” or “Thai Kickboxing” because the techniques of this style are not practiced in sets commonly referred to as “forms – Kata’s or Koso’s” which can be found in Japanese, Chinese and Korean martial arts. They are, however, practiced in much the same manner as in regular western boxing (hence the addition of the term “Boxing” ), which allows the practitioner to develop power, speed, and a spontaneous reaction to attacks. The practice of “forms” do not properly develop the qualities which are the most essential elements in becoming a good Thai combatant. The simplicity of the footwork and techniques are some of the main reasons why Muay Thai has been considered to be one of the most effective styles of Asian martial arts. Also, techniques that were believed to contain less destructive power such as finger strikes and “snap” kicks were completely removed making it a more efficient fighting art. There are many types of grabbling which can involve the arms, body, leg, neck, and shoulders of the opponent. Clinches can aid the Thai fighter in maintaining balance while striking with the knees, in maximizing the force of a blow by pulling the target area closer to the striking weapon, and in preventing one’s adversary from getting away while offensive techniques are being executed. A Thai fighter usually delivers an elbow, knee, punch, or kick while grabbing the opponent rather than a “push kick straight or thrust kick, which is mainly used for defense and for creating distance between his opponent. No other fighting art has adapted this form of close range combat and in the specific use of the elbows and knees more than Muay Thai. The length of time needed for a fighter to acquire the self-defense attributes found within Muay Thai is much less than in most other martial arts.

STANCE There is only one stance in Muay Thai. Every technique is performed from this fighting position. One leg is placed in front of the body with the foot of that leading leg facing straight towards the opponent and the heel of that foot is slightly raised off the ground. The other leg is placed behind with the foot of that rear leg facing at approximately 45 degrees away from the leading foot. The rest of the body is also turned at a 45 degree angle in sync with the rear foot. A side-on stance is much more advantageous to the fighter than frontal-stance because it minimizes the target areas. Frontal-stance exposes most of the bodies vital points while side-on stance makes it extremely difficult to effectively deliver any of Muay Thai’s most powerful techniques. The distance between each foot should be about shoulder-length and shoulder-width apart from each other and most of the bodyweight should be in the rear leg.

The shoulders are raised and the forearms are lifted in front of the face. The hands can either be in an open or closed position depending upon the personal preferences of the boxer in question. Some Thai fighters choose to bounce their leading legs up and down in order to be able to execute a “push, straight, or thrust kick at any given moment. The footwork prevents the legs from being crossed during combat as doing so puts a fighter of balance.

MOVEMENT BACKWARD :Move rear leg straight behind. Lead leg follows it while maintaining basic fighting stance. FORWARD: Move lead leg straight ahead. Rear leg follows it while maintaining basic fighting stance. LEFTWARD: FOR SOUTHPAWS, move rear leg backwards and to the left. Lead leg follows it while maintaining basic fighting stance. FOR STANDARD BOXERS, move lead leg forwards and to the left. Rear leg follows it while maintaining basic fighting stance. RIGHTWARD: FOR SOUTH PAWS, move lead leg forwards and to the right. Rear leg follows it while maintaining basic fighting stance.

FOR STANDARD BOXERS, move rear leg backwards and to the right. Lead leg follows it while maintaining basic fighting stance. BLOCKS AND EVASION MANEUVERS Most of the blocks in Muay Thai are direct impact which requires the fighter to develop the strength of his or her bones. The Thai fighter usually does not divert or neutralize the force of the opponent’s blows as in most other martial art styles. A Muay Thai stylist would prefer to condition his or her body so that it becomes physically strong enough to withstand the force. The forearms and shins are the common tools with which Thai fighters use to shield their bodies from incoming offensive attacks. Most Thai fighters from Thailand start at a young age while their bones are still in the process of growing, therefore it is a lot easier for them to strengthen their forearms and shin bones by accumulating a high degree of “callus” in order to turn them into versatile blocking implements.

Most modern muay thai students  start at an older age, usually entering competitions in the mid teens, which makes it a lot harder for them to toughen their shin and fore arms as their bones have usually passed the stage of continues growth. It is therefore better to begin training as young as possible.

                                                                                                                                    Courtesy: MuayThaidotCom; UsmtaDotcom

Muay Thai Images

Abhimanyu Academy’s Muay Thai students of batch 2008 2009; Khan (Grade) – 1 to Khan- 3.

Vishal & Jay practise knee strikes
Abhimanyu Academy's Muay Thai students of batch 2008 2009; Khan (Grade) - 1 to Khan- 3.

Abhimanyu Academy’s Muay Thai students of batch 2008 2009; Khan (Grade) – 1 to Khan- 3.

Sok Elbow techniques
Sok Elbow techniques

WIN! Free Training in Muay Thai, Kickboxing !!!

Best Answer Wins Big

 Answer follwing questions

1) From which country is the martial art Muay Thai?

2) Tell us why you want to learn Martial Arts whether Muay Thai, Kickboxing

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Why Muay Thai’s better for Fitness, Wt Loss & Self Defence

The art of Muay Thai has a colorful history, not just originating in the S-E Asian region of Thailand , Cambodia, Vietnam, Burma.

Raamayana, the ancient Indian epic is mentioned by scholars as the time and place of origin of the Martial Art that we now call Muay Thai.

This ancient martial form, dates back to the time when the Vaanara Sena or Army of Apes aided King Rama in search and rescue of his wife Sita.

As the epic states, the Vaanaras were incarnates of Gods like Brahma, the creator, Vayu, the wind God, Viswakarma, the divine architect, and many others.

The Martial Techniques used by these Vaanaras is said to be the precursor of this genre of Martial Arts where anything and everything is legal to defeat the unrighteous Enemy.

The mention in the epic aside, Muay Thai utilizes the ENTIRE body a formidable weapon. Also, techniques are straight forward and do not require flowery movements.

In Muay Thai, you strike or kick somebody, He stays down! That’s the aspect of training in Muay Thai. And to get to this level of efficiency and skill, the training is naturally akin to Boot Camp or Military Training. Nothing compares to Military Training, except for Muay Thai, of course!

Do you ever find a Pot-bellied, unfit or obese Military Cadet? Those who are obese, unfit or weak, are Trained to become FIGHTING FIT.

And that’s why Muay Thai is the Training for you FOR:

  1. Fitness,
  2. Wt Loss
  3. Self Defence
  4. Toned & Lean Body

‘Abhimanyu Academy of Martial Arts & Fitness’,
under Society for Preservation & Promotion of Indian Culture, Arts and Sciences, SPPICAS, INTERNATIONAL,{Regd.No. 883/04-05)
Regd. Office,
2nd Block Koramangala,
Bangalore – 560034.

Timings: Morning: 5.00 am to 9.00 am, Mon-Sunday

Evening: 4.00 pm t0 9.00 pm, Sat-Sunday

  • Optional Training Schedule:

At-Home Training, one-on-one, morning and evening, in the privacy of your own hom

For Fee details and training modules

Call: 9242876397, for the Chief Instructor in

Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Kung Fu, Kalaripayattu, Savate French Kickboxe,

Dynamic Unarmed Combat

Or email:


Kickboxing Works for Women for Fitness and Muscle Toning


Singing & Kickboxing Go Together!
Singing & Kickboxing Go Together!

Kickboxing is to Fitness & Muscle Toning, what lifting weights is to Bodybuilders.

Kickboxing and better yet; Muay Thai or Thai kickBoxing can help  women build tremendous cardio-vascular endurance, Lose weght and ensure that the  old, smaller size  dresses and jeans  actually FIT! Your muscles will become phenomenal. Toned, taut and young. You are guaranteed to lose inches without the saggy skin and cellulite that accompanies haphazard and starvation diets.  A Warning though: Don’t fall prey to Quick Fix, short term Weght loss centres that sell you weight loss packages. Even if you may lose some inches and a few pounds, you might be endangering your internal organs and spoiling your overall health and immune system.

Remember that the old adage, No pain, No gain, still holds! If weight loss and fitness  comes to you as easily as lying down without DOING anything, be sure that you are not really getting FIT!  

However, fitness through martial arts, especially a dynamic program as offered in Kickboxing and Muay Thai (recommended by the US secret service!) is the tried and tested way to become fighting fit and get back to your ATTRACTIVE self!

You’ll have that added air of confidence that comes with a better physique, stronger and firmer body. A perfect boost to your Body Image.

All of Hollywood and now Bollywood is ga-ga for Kickboxing. From Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez and Madonna to Priyanka Chopra, Pooja Bedi, Bipasha, John Abraham, theyáll swear by the effects of Kickboxing.  

Kickboxing Tones & it Shows!
Kickboxing Tones & it Shows!

O’  for the Perfect workout…

Closer home, Kannada movie stars and models from Mumbai and Bangalore, are embracing Kickboxing and the newly famous Muay Thai or Thai Boxing, made famous by Tony jaa movies Ong Bak! 

Kick. Kick. Kick Butt with Kickboxing.

Learn at the Academy or in the comfort of your own home.

call Nick : 9242876397 or


Abhimanyu Academy of Martial Arts & Fitness
under Society for Preservation & Promotion of Indian Culture, Arts and Sciences, SPPICAS, INTERNATIONAL,{Regd.No. 883/04-05)
Regd. Office,
2nd Block Koramangala,
Bangalore – 560034.

Timings: Morning: 5.00 am to 9.00 am, Mon-Sunday

Evening: 4.00 pm t0 9.00 pm, Sat-Sunday

  • Optional Training Schedule: At-Home Training, one-on-one, morning and evening, in the privacy of your own home.

For Fee details and training modules

Call: 9242876397, for the Chief Instructor in
Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Kung Fu, Kalaripayattu,

Savate French Kickboxe, Dynamic Unarmed Combat

Or email: