Martial arts, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Weight Loss has now come to your HSR LAYOUT near the HSR Club. New batch registrations have begun. Timings:- FOR: MUAY THAI, KICKBOXING! WEIGHT LOSS, MARTIAL ARTS, SELF DEFENCE FOR WOMEN, CHILDREN FROM 5 YEARS ONWARDS. 6:00-12:00 noon ALL DAYS! 3:00-9:00PM ALL DAYS! FEES:- MONTHLY GROUP PROGRAMS:Β  ONWARDS 3-MONTH COURSEContinue reading “New Studio in HSR LAYOUT NEAR HSR CLUB”

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Why Muay Thai’s better for Fitness, Wt Loss & Self Defence

In Muay Thai, you strike or kick somebody, He stays down! That’s the aspect of training in Muay Thai. And to get to this level of efficiency and skill, the training is naturally akin to Boot Camp or Military Training. Nothing compares to Military Training, except for Muay Thai, of course!

Do you ever find a Pot-bellied, unfit or obese Military Cadet? Those who are obese, unfit or weak, are Trained to become FIGHTING FIT.

And that’s why Muay Thai is the Training for you to:
Wt Loss
Self Defence
Toned & Lean Body

Kickboxing Works for Women for Fitness and Muscle Toning

Kickboxing and Muay Thai (Thai-style Kickboxing) are the two Arts every woman should learn for Self-Defence, Fitness, Weight Loss, Muscle Toning, Great Legs, Calves and a Killer Personality! Learn where and How you can…