Why Muay Thai’s better for Fitness, Wt Loss & Self Defence

The art of Muay Thai has a colorful history, not just originating in the S-E Asian region of Thailand , Cambodia, Vietnam, Burma.

Raamayana, the ancient Indian epic is mentioned by scholars as the time and place of origin of the Martial Art that we now call Muay Thai.

This ancient martial form, dates back to the time when the Vaanara Sena or Army of Apes aided King Rama in search and rescue of his wife Sita.

As the epic states, the Vaanaras were incarnates of Gods like Brahma, the creator, Vayu, the wind God, Viswakarma, the divine architect, and many others.

The Martial Techniques used by these Vaanaras is said to be the precursor of this genre of Martial Arts where anything and everything is legal to defeat the unrighteous Enemy.

The mention in the epic aside, Muay Thai utilizes the ENTIRE body a formidable weapon. Also, techniques are straight forward and do not require flowery movements.

In Muay Thai, you strike or kick somebody, He stays down! That’s the aspect of training in Muay Thai. And to get to this level of efficiency and skill, the training is naturally akin to Boot Camp or Military Training. Nothing compares to Military Training, except for Muay Thai, of course!

Do you ever find a Pot-bellied, unfit or obese Military Cadet? Those who are obese, unfit or weak, are Trained to become FIGHTING FIT.

And that’s why Muay Thai is the Training for you FOR:

  1. Fitness,
  2. Wt Loss
  3. Self Defence
  4. Toned & Lean Body

‘Abhimanyu Academy of Martial Arts & Fitness’,
under Society for Preservation & Promotion of Indian Culture, Arts and Sciences, SPPICAS, INTERNATIONAL,{Regd.No. 883/04-05)
Regd. Office,
2nd Block Koramangala,
Bangalore – 560034.

Timings: Morning: 5.00 am to 9.00 am, Mon-Sunday

Evening: 4.00 pm t0 9.00 pm, Sat-Sunday

  • Optional Training Schedule:

At-Home Training, one-on-one, morning and evening, in the privacy of your own hom

For Fee details and training modules

Call: 9242876397, for the Chief Instructor in

Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Kung Fu, Kalaripayattu, Savate French Kickboxe,

Dynamic Unarmed Combat

Or email: muayboxe@yahoo.com


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