Muay Thai Personal At Home Training

Muay Thai Elbow strikeThe Bangalore elite, the movers and shakers, from top models, professionals, celebrities and page 3 headliners are taken-in by the effective and powerful training methods of Muay Thai or Thai boxing. Looking to lose a few pounds to feel toned and trim, and learn a practical martial art? Muay Thai will just do the trick, for you, whether you are 7 or 70 years old. Yes, we have students from 7 years onwards..

Personal Fitness and Weight Loss programs are getting to be a rage amongst Bangalore’s creme de la creme of fashionistas, professionals, IT head – honchos, models and the discerning home maker. Getting fit and toned is the way to go who want to improve the one thing that deserves a second look, a makeover- the physique, toned and chiseled look, yet not brawny as a mule! Muay Thai, or Thai boxing and kickboxing is a time-tested one-stop solution for weight loss, muscle toning, and getting rid of unsightly flab, excess fat and to keep obesity at bay.

However, you must understand that just like weight gain or becoming obese happens over a period of time, a gradual conditioning and supervised training is advised, rather than hitting the gym and sweating it out for 1.30 hours, till you can hardly stand! Granted, you might lose some weight, but, you will put your body at risk for internal damage or injury. Your Immune system might also get a sudden shock, which is not a welcome after effect…
Call 9242876397, ask for Nick, for more info on personal training in fitness, Muay tHai, kickboxing, strength, muscle toning, and self-defense, street combat skills…


  1. Hi,

    I am based in bangalore and very much passionate about learning Muay thai. I am located at HAL , Old airport road. I am a working professional. Can you please provide me details about your institute so that i can come over and discuss with you. I happen to know your academy through internet



    • Class time: 6 to 10 am; 4 to 8 pm all days. Fee starting from 3000 pm. Personal at home training starts from 21000 inr per month… call 8792842996.

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